How Do You Know When You Lose Your Mucus Plug During Pregnancy?

Mucus plug is lost when you enter your 37th week of pregnancy. But before that you can’t assume or predict the time of losing your mucus plug. Mucus plug may dislodge at anytime depending on the body structure, nature and the activities that you participate in, any of them could trigger in losing your mucus plug.

Mucus formation is a process that is continues where your mucus plug can get dislodged and can be formed again. There is no specific indication that says your about to lose your mucus plug. But you can know that your mucus plug is lost. You may find thick jelly like substance that is discharged from your vagina and you can easily identify it as it appears more different than your usual vaginal secretions.

Sometimes you may find the parts of it coming out as the whole plug will not come out at once. Some women could not even know that they have lost their mucus plug, which sometimes may lead to infections. So during pregnancy one has to look carefully the changes that the body is going through and keep track on them with your doctor for safe and healthy delivery.

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